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Philips Halogen Lamp
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17 Jan 2018
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Specification of

Philips Halogen Lamp

General characteristics
Cap-Base PGX12-2
Bulb T31 [T 31 mm]
Bulb Finish Cancel
Burning Position any [What/Universal]
Living up to a 5% failure of 9000 hours
Living up to a 20% failure 13000 hours
Live to 50% failure 16000 hours
Technical characteristics of light
Color code 942 [CCT from 4200K]
Color Rendering Index 95 Ra8
Appointment Color Cool White
Color temperature 4200 K
Technical color temperature 4100 K
Lamp Luminous Flux EM 12000 Lm
Lamp Luminous Efficacy Lm/W 81 EM
Lumen Maintenance EM 2000H 85%
Lumen maintenance of EL 2000H 85%
Lumen Maintenance EM 5000h 75%
Lumen maintenance of EL 5000h 75%
Lumen Maintenance EM 10000h 70%
Lumen maintenance of EL 10000h 70%
Lumen Maintenance EM 15000h 60%
Lumen maintenance of EL 15000h 65%

> Kromatisitas-376 X coordinate
Kromatisitas 374 Y-Coordinate
Electrical characteristics
Power system EM 165 W
Power System EL 170 W
150 Watt lights W
Lamp Watts EM 25 Nominal 150.0 ° C, W
Lamp Watts EM 25 ° C, the value of 148.0 W
96 V Voltage lamp
Lights When EM 1.8 A
Ignition Time 30 s (max)
Run-up time 90% (max) 4 min
Re-ignition time [min] 15 min (max)
There are dimmable
Characteristics lingkuNGAN
Energy Efficiency Labels (EEL) A +
Mercury (Hg) Content 12.2 mg
Energy consumption kWh/1000 h 162 kWh
Characteristics associated with UV
Damage factors in D/fc (max)-0.3
Pet (NIOSH) 8 (min) h500lx
Luminer Design requirements
The temperature is Base-Cap 240 (max) C
Bulb Temperature (max) 480 C
The Dimensions Of The Product
Overall length C 149 mm (max)
Diameter 32.00 (max) mm D
Light Center Length L 89 (min), 91 (No.m), 93 (max) mm
ARC Length O 8 mm
Product Data
201,119 order code 15
The full product code 871,150,020,111,915
Full product name Mastercolour CDM-TP 150W/942 PGX12-2 1CT
Product name Order MASTERC CDM 150W/942-TP PGX12-2 1CT/12
Pieces per pack 1
Packing configuration 12
Packs per outerbox 12
The bar code on the package-EAN1 8,711,500,201,119
The bar code on outerbox-EAN3 8,711,500,201,126
Logistic code (s)-12N

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